Day Thirty Four

Out tonight in Putney for the work Christmas do ( new thing no 1) Was challenged to put Tabasco on my roast turkey (new thing no 2) Turns out it’s a taste sensation!



Day Thirty One

I kid you not, I still have the caffeine shakes! It had me up at 5:30 so I decided I might as well do the planned swim. I can get into such a routine I even use the same locker every time I go, so today I made a point of using a different one. After tearing up and down the pool for a while, I mixed up my normal breakfast with a beautifully warming porridge, berries and banana – yum. I can predict a crash coming on later….



Day Thirty

Today I thought I’d see if a Creme Brûlée Latte (which I’ve never had before) was any different to the Salted Caramel one I experimented with last week. And I can report…… Absolutely no difference whatsoever. Both taste like a normal cup of coffee with a big spoonful of sugar. Plus, I forgot to order decaf – bad move. As my body is a strictly caffeine free zone a normal cup of coffee is like cocaine to me – I’m now totally wired and will be buzzing until bedtime.

I’ve had some enquires re Day Twenty Nine. I had a very pleasant evening. We discussed my project over a few glasses of red and he didn’t seem to feel too used by my ulterior motives. If you’re reading – Hi! I’d a lovely evening – speak soon, yeah?