Day Sixty Four

I’m always looking for ways to make my long run a little more interesting. Today, an audio book accompanied me for the first time. It did make those nine miles fly by and all felt good. Another great discovery on the challenge …



Day Sixty Three

Christmas partying is taken very seriously in our family. My liver has taken a hammering pretty much every night for two weeks. It’s really showing my age, but I was really looking forward to a quiet night off tonight to start experience no 63 – the last of my holiday reads – bliss…


Day Sixty Two – The One Where I Go To A School Reunion

Soz, this post is a little bit late…
Last night I went to my first ever school reunion. It’s crazy that its been ten years since we spent an afternoon chucking water balloons and foam at each other and parted ways. I should say that I didn’t go to a clown school – this was a designated muck up day of fun – Monday mornings didn’t usually start with a custard pie in the face.
Reunions can be a bit intimidating. However, as I’ve grown older and wiser, I’ve realised how important it is to stay in touch with school friends. Whatever way, these people will have know you for a heck of a long time and can be a point of reference wherever you find yourself in life. All that being said, I did have a back up story that I’d created Twitter should I start to feel dwarfed by people who had accomplished amazing feats…
Turns out it wasn’t needed at all. It was lovely to catch up with people and see where life as taken them. In our yearbook, I said in ten years I’d be touring the world being a musical genius – well, that didn’t exactly happen, but life has been pretty cool nonetheless – I certainly didn’t think in ten years time I’d be taking on a marathon!
So, lovely to see you guys last night – see you at the twenty five year meet up!


Day Sixty One

Day sixty one is brought to you courtesy of post Christmas Sales.

Those who have known me for a while can attest that I’ve never been the naturally sporting type. This has meant, I’ve never really got into sportswear-chic clothing vibe. So today could either been seen as starting off a sports wardrobe for the first time, or my first attempt at becoming Team GBs biggest (possibly slightly scary) supporter.

I did buy some other stuff including a highly fetching ultra fluorescent running jacket which makes me look super cool. Unfortunately I’m shivering with the flu which meant that my six tempo miles didn’t happen this morning. I’m mostly gutted because this leaves a gaping hole in my until now perfectly completed training log 😦 But time to be sensible – lots of fluids and oranges and I’ll be bouncing back in no time.


Day Fifty Nine – The One That Makes Me Feel Truly Christmassy

Merry Christmas!! Christmas 2012 started off for me with four beautiful miles. The slight hangover from the yummy bottle of prosecco I shared with my Mum at 2am was salved when you get to run through places like this.

A beautiful sunny morning with the mist slowly rising made for a lovely start to the day. I came back to find that Santa had come and left me a mountain of presents. I was in such a good mood, I decided to wear both my superman socks AND pants (not showing you a photo of the pants!)

As much as I love getting pressies at Christmas, the feeling of giving someone a gift you really know they’ll like is like no other feeling in this world. So, I decided my challenge today would be on the giving theme. I went into Just Giving and randomly gave a donation. So, good luck Emma on your sponsored silence for Age UK – a great charity. If your feeling generous, head on over and help Emma out a bit

Whatever you are doing today, I hope you and your loved ones have an exceptionally Merry Christmas
Peace Out

Day Fifty Eight

My dad is a chef. He’s a truly a wonderful cook and always likes to experiment. His experiment this lunchtime gave rise to experience number 58. For some reason, known only to him, Dad thought it would be a good idea to substitute Mallibu for Sherry in our mushroom soup ??!? Dad – I love you, I respect you, but that REALLY didn’t work!