Day Thirty Eight – The Day I Want To Sell My Soul

This is a very exciting Day Thirty Eight – Attending my first ever Marathon Training Event. When my Physio emailed me inviting me to this talk they were putting on, I had images of a few people gathered in a basement somewhere discussing groin strain over some weak squash. I was knackered after work so I almost didn’t go. Little did I know that I’d spend the evening here at the heart of Swanky McSwank corporate London.

We were on the 28th floor, and this was our view!

What followed, in some ways, was a two hour sales pitch, explaining to us why we needed a plethora of sports equipment and a Personal Trainer, Gait Analyst, Sports Masseur and Hypnotherapist to cross the finish line.
My favourite was Marilyn The Motivator who gave an impassioned speech about ‘Maintaining a Marathon Mindset’ … by attending a series of her talks at a very reasonable rate…..

Cynicism aside, there was some genuinely useful points to ponder about warming up, stretching and cooling down and it was nice to chat to fellow runners.
More than anything it’s given me aspirations to ditch the NHS and sell my soul for a job in a Blue Chip. I want me one of those shiny offices! Now, I’m off to buy a foam roller….


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