Day Ninety Five – The One With the Epic Fail

Day Ninety Five was a humbling experience. I had such a good time running into work on Tuesday, I thought I’d run back home today for the first tome. On Thursdays I work a bit further away and through a very different route.
The end of the day came – I tried to get psyched for seven miles, but for whatever reason, it just wasn’t happening. There didn’t seem to be anything in the tank and all I could manage was a pathetic run / walk for a few miles. I then got to the point where I was supposed to run through a big, unlit park in a dodgy bit of south London. At this point I admitted defeat and grabbed a bus.


I have to say I’ve been a bit demoralised this week. There are a few too many gaps in my lovely training plan and a quick trip back to Northern Ireland over the weekend isn’t going to help matters. Hoping I can kick start the week with a bit of enthusiasm. Tonight, I’ll just let myself wallow – how melodramatic!


Day Ninety Three – The One Where I Run To Work For The First Time

Today’s new thing was a massive revelation – something I’ll be definitely doing again and building into my day to day routine. Today instead of standing on a horrific overcrowded train on my way to work, I had the pleasure of watching London wake up by running in. It’s a fairly challenging seven miles in terms of hills and terrain, but watching the sun rise over Wimbledon hill was totally worth it.

This photo is rubbish – haven’t quite got the hang of running and taking pictures! I felt suitably smug all day and saved a fiver on a train fare. Certainly an experience I’ll be repeating

Day Ninety Two

It’s been a busy old weekend and I was up at silly o’clock this morning to go for a swim. I though day ninety two called for some chill out time starting a new book


I went to see my torturer Physio tonight and he was very impressed with my dodgy hip. Just need to strengthen up the old calves a bit and I’ll be ship shape.

By the by, does anyone know what to do with this much leftover turkey??


Day Ninety – The One With Tommy the Turkey

I must apologise for the lateness of this post. I have no excuse for it not occurring last night – quite honestly, I was drinking too much wine and having too much fun! Every year, my uni friends get together in January for a belated Christmas dinner. This year I had the joy of hosting and I cooked an actual turkey for the first time!


I christened him Tommy.

My dad – you know the chef who puts Malibu in stuff – got sick of cooking turkeys at work so we were never allowed them at Christmas. Tommy was prepared the Nigella way – soaked in exotically spiced brine then roasted super slow – man it tasted good! More importantly, a great evening spend with some of my bestest of friends. So thanks amigos and thanks Tommy – it was a blast!