Day One Hundred and Seventeen

Today was a tough day for reasons that I’ll write about later. I didn’t want to wallow though, so I tried to make new experience 117 pretty good.
I’ve no real moral objection to gambling. It’s just not something that my family have ever been into. Well, today I went to the greyhound track for the first time and placed my first ever bet! All in all we won about £7:40. And lost about £15….. All in all a fun end to a very sad day. Go Barnacles!!!!




One Year On


One year ago today was one of the best days of my life. On 19th February 2012, I ran the Brighton Half Marathon. This was my first ever running race – 6 months previously I could barely run for one minute. Crossing that finish line was an emotional experience (euphemism for cried like a baby). It also made my feet look like this. It was the culmination of an incredible journey – What started as a random challenge I set for myself one night when I was in a bad mood, turned into something which (at the risk of sounding a tad dramatic) radically changed my life.
Two more half marathons and a half dozen 10ks later, here I am on my way to running a full marathon. I recently watched a skit on TV about an insufferable health convert, which made me chuckle knowingly. I own three yoga mats and a foam roller BUT let’s be clear, I still eat cake. I still eat far too much cake than is good for me. And red wine is my favourite.
It makes me sad to think how I was never enthused by sport as a kid – what a waste. This all came about by accident when I stumbled across a Couch to 5K podcast and got hooked. I’ve written before how this has really made me realise how many experiences I’ve talked myself out of – so many opportunities I’ve denied myself because I’ve said I can’t do it. Which is really rubbish. So I challenge you – do Couch to 5k, book yourself into a race – even if the sight of a pair of trainers makes you want to vom. It could change your life.
I’m running the marathon to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society – a fantastic charity. More later on why it has a special place in my heart. If you want to support this challenge and make all those blisters and 6am starts worth it, feel free to stop by here – cheers guys.
Now enough of the pep talk – let’s get me some cake ….
Peace Out

Day One Hundred and Thirteen

The park was padlocked shut this morning, so I was forced to find an alternative route for my 5 miler. It was quite liberating actually. I did a loop, not really knowing where I was going and stumbled across some very pretty places along the way. Was knackering though – don’t think I’ve quite recovered from the half marathon at the weekend