The Post I Never Wanted To Write

So, this is where I explain the week-long absence from my blogging challenge.

Last Friday morning, my wonderful grandmother passed away. She died peacefully, holding the hand of her husband to whom she was married for 63 years and in a room filled with her closest family members who she loved completely.

My grandmother was the inspiration behind my initial half marathon challenge in February 2012 to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society – a condition Granny endured with dignity and grace. I am pleased that her suffering is over and she is at peace, however, her passing has left an aching hole in our family and my poor grandfather says he feels like one of his limbs is missing.

Literally hundreds of people have visited the family home to pay their last respects and talk about how she had impacted upon their lives. We estimate over 500 people attended her thanksgiving service which was the most uplifting, positive Church experience of my life. I overheard the same phrase again and again – she was just a real lady.

In amongst all the tears we’ve shared, there have been many laughs and many opportunities to grow. I’ve talked to my cousins and extended family with a vulnerability and honesty which we’ve never experienced before, I’ve seen a body in a coffin for the first time, I’ve spoken at a funeral for the first time, I’ve seen ashes placed in a crypt. I sat on the bed beside Granny’s coffin and shared a glass of wine with my uncle and cousin, all three of us laughing and crying as we shared stories and memories of this remarkable woman who has left us with so much.
This week has made me even more determined to conquer the London Marathon in April. Again, this is raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society to fund research and support into this awful condition that currently has less randomised control trials into it than hayfever.
If you would like to support this challenge – feel free to click on the link. It’s ambitious, but I’d love to match the £2000 we raised last February. What’s ultimately a better thing to do if you don’t want to give money, and if you’re lucky enough to have your Granny still with you, tell her you love her this weekend.
Normal daily blogging adventures will now resume until The Big Day.
Hope I do you proud Granny



4 thoughts on “The Post I Never Wanted To Write

  1. This whole post is an absolutely lovely tribute to your Nan. Being surrounded by so many friends and family right up until the end, and so many people coming to pay their respects sharing fond memories of her – something we should all aspire to. She sounds like an amazing woman.

    • Thanks Jodie.
      I know everyone’s Grandmothers are special, but she really was a diamond and its going to be very strange for us now that she’s gone. I suppose it just make The Big Marathon Day that much more special.

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