Day One Hundred and Forty Seven – The One Where I Run My First 16 Mile Race

Today I ran my first 16 mile race

I wasn’t looking forward to this one too much – I’ve been grumpy all weekend and didn’t sleep great last night. And oh yeah, it’s snowing – in bloody March. We all huddled, trying desperately to keep warm in the face of an actual blizzard at an ungodly time on a Sunday morning. The first half of the course was very pretty, running down the Thames to Hampton Court Palace. My new tactic of taking actual food with me rather than just gels worked really well and I felt I had lots more energy throughout – Cliff bars are just amazing! I even had an exciting sprint finish at the very end with a fellow runner. She won, but we shook hands at the end and hobbled to collect our goodies. Which were AMAZING. Just look what I walked away with

That’s right – a whole CASE of vita coconut water, a gazillion gels and protein balls – I reckon I made a profit on my entrance fee!
Was hoping to finish today in under 3 hrs – managed it in 2:54. I’m aware my last few posts have been quite smug, I may even be in danger of turning into a dreaded keeno, but I’m feeling good, really good. One more gargantuan run before the big day – eek!
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