Day One Hundred and Seventy. The One With Boston. The One Which Broke My Heart

If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon” Kathrine Switzer

I watched CNN into the early hours of this morning, appalled and horrified as the events of the Boston Marathon unfolded before my eyes. Katherine Switzer, the first ever woman to run the Boston Marathon, absolutely nailed the essence of what is magical about a marathon. When going out to cheer runners at mile 25 at the London Marathon last year, we were bathed in an atmosphere of 100% positivity, good will and simple human kindness. This contrast makes the atrocious scenes we have watched in the last 24 hours all the more unbearable. When I learned one of the dead was an eight year old child, I felt physically sick. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Boston and fell in love with it. I hung round the elegant Copley Square which is now a crime scene.

In big races, I like to dedicate a mile to different people who are particularly meaningful to me. This year I will be dedicating a mile each to the three people no longer with us due to this despicable act, and one to the institution of the Boston Marathon itself. We will hold a 30 second silence before the race and wear a black ribbon in respectful solidarity with our fellow runners across the globe. Not for a second did I think about pulling out of the race on Sunday and I would hate for people to stay away because of what’s happened. London needs you all the more. But for now, Boston, you are very much in my heart.



2 thoughts on “Day One Hundred and Seventy. The One With Boston. The One Which Broke My Heart

  1. Wishing you the best of luck for the London marathon. Amidst all the shock and the tragedy there have been an immense amount of caring and signs of humanity, and I shall be watching the marathon and cheering the runners with pride and love.

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