Run, Always Run

Life after a marathon is a weird one. My alarm doesn’t drag me out of bed at 6am every weekday. Saturday afternoon is no longer spent exhausted on the sofa after a gargantuan long run. Given the London Marathon was my life for six months, adjusting is a bit strange.
To be honest, I spent the past couple of weeks doing feck all apart from a little bit of yoga every now and again. But now my calf feels better and I’m getting antsy. It’s been lovely just to enjoy running again without the pressure of getting huge miles in.Tonight I had the choice of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo on Sky+ or a late night run.

While it was tempting to watch Honeys’ antics on Gogo Juice, I was reminded of Ben Davies of the Do Life Movement. His mantra is Run, Always Run. It’s been said that the hardest part of your run is getting out the door and I can certainly attest to that. I can honestly say that once I’m out, I’ve never regretted a run. So tonight I took myself out for four balmy miles along the Thames. Absolutely beautiful.
People have asked what I’m going to do with this blog now the marathon is over. If it’s agreeable with y’all (my God, I just wrote y’all!) I’ll share my Ramblings every now and again. I’ve lined up the York 10k in August and Run To The Beat – a half marathon in September. Should be good – just don’t let me turn into a Keeno