Getting Experimental in Bangkok

The Do Something New Challenge has been on holiday 🙂 I’m just back from two and a bit glorious weeks in Thailand where we had a nice mix of City, Jungle and Beach. Bangkok certainly provided many opportunities to try new things so this is part one.
I arrived in Bangkok after a 12 hour flight a little flustered and disorientated. What way to make it better, but to try mixed peanuts with, erm, anchovies. Ok Bangkok (surprisingly tasty) 20130623-164934.jpg
The next morning to combat the jet lag monster, I tried a peach yoghurt with everyone’s favourite – kidney beans and sweet corn. Again, this was surprisingly delicious. 20130623-165353.jpg

The next day, I decided to learn about Thai cooking properly in a cooking school off the Silom Road. Oh. My. Word. Amazing. Among many other things, we made bananas and coconut milk. Orgasm on a plate.


Stay tuned for Part II – The Jungle Edition!


Day One Hundred and Seventy Three – The One Where I Go To A Pasta Party

Today I went to the Excel centre to pick up my race number. Loads of stalls and free stuff. I experienced my first ‘pasta party’. Does this look like a party of pasta to you??

I also have a confession to make. I AM SO SICK OF PASTA RIGHT NOW. I’ve never been a huge pasta fan and I’m very much looking forward to being able to eat a nice steak again. It was nice to soak up some of the pre race atmosphere – anything that plays the Rocky Theme Tune at you when you walk through the entrance gets a big thumbs up from me!
We did get the strangest official goodie bag though – a bag of rice and some toothpaste. Erm, thanks London Marathon.
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Day One Hundred and Sixty Nine

This week I will mostly be eating carbohydrate based snacks. On day 169, I tried a soft pretzel for the first time.


I did my last ‘proper’ run this morning – a nice five miles along the Thames is pretty much a perfect way to start off your day.
I bumped into a man in the bus yesterday who was obviously on his way back from the Brighton Marathon. I had a little chat with him. He said it was fun, but the last six miles were really tough. He had obvious signs of a common running injury exclusive to males – the bloody nipple



Once again, I’m running for the Alzheimer’s Society – to find out why, click here

Day One Hundred and Sixty

I am enjoying a lovely girlie weekend in Oxford. Today has been a perfect example of what not the do/eat two weeks before your first marathon. We started off with brunch – blueberries are fruit, right??

I’ve been to Oxford a few times before, but this time a couple of the party were alumni of the university, so we were able to get behind the scenes. Oh my word – how pretty! I should have worked harder at school…

The afternoon was rounded off at G&Ds trying a Creme egg ice cream on ginger, raisin and oatmeal cookies for the first time. Erm, carbo-loading ….


Now to hit the town!

Day One Hundred and Fifty Nine

Today book club took its first road trip to Oxford 🙂 A weekend with four of my favourite ladies was something I’ve been looking forward to for ages. We’ve started as we mean to go on with cocktails, fizz and incredible food at Gee’s.


I tried wild boar for the first time. It looked, and tasted, exactly like Parma ham!