Day One Hundred and Fifty Three

Loyal readers of this blog know that I love a good Traybake. Today I made Easter Tiffin – kinda broke my no chocolate run… But it was worth it!



Day One Hundred and Forty Four

This week I’ve been really curious about what I’ve been eating. Since training harder, I’ve been craving the strangest food. On Monday, I caught myself having a sweet potato and chorizo wrap, beetroot, spinach, tomatoes and avocado for lunch. Eclectic?? I’ve also really gone off sweet stuff. Although I’m not denying myself anything, I haven’t eaten a sweet in about 2 months and right now the thought of eating a Mars Bar makes me feel sick (not in an eating disorder kinda way I hasten to add!) I’m feeling good. Really good. And I did a shoulder stand for the first today – smug enough??
I’m also a sucker for running nutritional stuff at the moment. I spied this recovery drink in the supermarket and thought I’d give it a whirl. It tasted like normal chocolate milk and when I looked at the ingredients I saw that it was in fact…. Pretty much normal chocolate milk. Yummy though

Also, look what arrived today!! So, so excited!


Day One Hundred and Thirty Four

I’m really loving the blog Frugal Feeding. I thought tonight would be a good night to crack out a new recipe. This lentil and cider stew was hearty and delicious – just what you need when it’s -2 outside. March in the UK folks – who wouldn’t love it! Also tried river cobbler for the first time. I’m going to bed with a very happy tummy indeed