Day One Hundred and Seventy Two

This week I have mostly been experimenting with carbohydrate based snacks and boring everyone around me rigid about the London Marathon. I’ve previously written how my body has been craving really weird things over the past few months – I think I’m starting to experience what it must be like for pregnant women! Today’s experiment was oatcakes, home-made peanutbutter and oranges. Surprisingly tasty!


In a previous life, I’ve written about how important it is to have a theme tune to psych you up and give you a boost. This year, Harder Than You Think by Public Enemy has been my go to song. Over the past six months, this song has woken me up most mornings at 6am, beckoning to the park or the pool in wind, snow, hail and rain. Never, ever sun – This is England after all. I love this song. I love that it was the Ch4 theme song for the Paralympics. I love that one of the lyrics is Harder than you think is a beautiful thing. I love that it will be on my playlist on Sunday.

In other exciting news, my fundraising target has now been smashed! I tentatively thought I might be able to match last years efforts, but with four days to go, way over £2000 has been raised with the promise of much more to come. Phenomenal. If you’d like to sponsor the shuffle, click here and check out my previous post to see why this means so much to me.



Day One Hundred and Seventy and Seventy One

Yesterday I got an actual sports massage for the first time. Yes it hurt like hell, but I felt super afterwards. Here’s a picture of my now massaged right leg


As a result, on day 171 I really tried to get to grips with my foam roller. We’ve not been the bestest of buddies, but I really tried to do it properly a couple of times today. Damn, how can someone invent something that hurts so much!

I am so near my fundraising target. I got a £10 sponsorship today from my old netball teacher. I was CERTAINLY not an aspiring marathoner when she taught me. How things change… If you want to sponsor the shuffle and be the person who breaks the £2000 mark, click here


Day One Hundred and Seventy. The One With Boston. The One Which Broke My Heart

If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon” Kathrine Switzer

I watched CNN into the early hours of this morning, appalled and horrified as the events of the Boston Marathon unfolded before my eyes. Katherine Switzer, the first ever woman to run the Boston Marathon, absolutely nailed the essence of what is magical about a marathon. When going out to cheer runners at mile 25 at the London Marathon last year, we were bathed in an atmosphere of 100% positivity, good will and simple human kindness. This contrast makes the atrocious scenes we have watched in the last 24 hours all the more unbearable. When I learned one of the dead was an eight year old child, I felt physically sick. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Boston and fell in love with it. I hung round the elegant Copley Square which is now a crime scene.

In big races, I like to dedicate a mile to different people who are particularly meaningful to me. This year I will be dedicating a mile each to the three people no longer with us due to this despicable act, and one to the institution of the Boston Marathon itself. We will hold a 30 second silence before the race and wear a black ribbon in respectful solidarity with our fellow runners across the globe. Not for a second did I think about pulling out of the race on Sunday and I would hate for people to stay away because of what’s happened. London needs you all the more. But for now, Boston, you are very much in my heart.


Day One Hundred and Sixty Nine

This week I will mostly be eating carbohydrate based snacks. On day 169, I tried a soft pretzel for the first time.


I did my last ‘proper’ run this morning – a nice five miles along the Thames is pretty much a perfect way to start off your day.
I bumped into a man in the bus yesterday who was obviously on his way back from the Brighton Marathon. I had a little chat with him. He said it was fun, but the last six miles were really tough. He had obvious signs of a common running injury exclusive to males – the bloody nipple



Once again, I’m running for the Alzheimer’s Society – to find out why, click here

Day One Hundred and Sixty Seven

How do you make bra and shoe shopping fun when you hate
shopping with a passion?? This is the tough question I found myself facing this afternoon. I’m bring bridesmaid for my bestest Biatch Amy in May and it’s coming up to the time when these little details can no longer be ignored. So, today became the first time I’ve ever gone underwear shopping with another person. Turns out the whole affair was pretty painless and actually a pretty good laugh. This is Amy admiring the bras. I didn’t go for that one in the end