Getting Experimental in Bangkok

The Do Something New Challenge has been on holiday 🙂 I’m just back from two and a bit glorious weeks in Thailand where we had a nice mix of City, Jungle and Beach. Bangkok certainly provided many opportunities to try new things so this is part one.
I arrived in Bangkok after a 12 hour flight a little flustered and disorientated. What way to make it better, but to try mixed peanuts with, erm, anchovies. Ok Bangkok (surprisingly tasty) 20130623-164934.jpg
The next morning to combat the jet lag monster, I tried a peach yoghurt with everyone’s favourite – kidney beans and sweet corn. Again, this was surprisingly delicious. 20130623-165353.jpg

The next day, I decided to learn about Thai cooking properly in a cooking school off the Silom Road. Oh. My. Word. Amazing. Among many other things, we made bananas and coconut milk. Orgasm on a plate.


Stay tuned for Part II – The Jungle Edition!


Day One Hundred and Thirty Four

I’m really loving the blog Frugal Feeding. I thought tonight would be a good night to crack out a new recipe. This lentil and cider stew was hearty and delicious – just what you need when it’s -2 outside. March in the UK folks – who wouldn’t love it! Also tried river cobbler for the first time. I’m going to bed with a very happy tummy indeed


Day Ninety Two

It’s been a busy old weekend and I was up at silly o’clock this morning to go for a swim. I though day ninety two called for some chill out time starting a new book


I went to see my torturer Physio tonight and he was very impressed with my dodgy hip. Just need to strengthen up the old calves a bit and I’ll be ship shape.

By the by, does anyone know what to do with this much leftover turkey??


Day Eighty Three

A few new things today – spurred on by my Peanutbutter triumph, I experimented with Cashewbutter on a honey and sunflower bagel which I’d never tried before. I didn’t think it was possible, but Cashewbutter is even nicer than the Peanutbutter 🙂
But the main event – I’m on my way to a new restaurant in for a new first date – exciting times – And what a view!