Day One Hundred and Seventy Two

This week I have mostly been experimenting with carbohydrate based snacks and boring everyone around me rigid about the London Marathon. I’ve previously written how my body has been craving really weird things over the past few months – I think I’m starting to experience what it must be like for pregnant women! Today’s experiment was oatcakes, home-made peanutbutter and oranges. Surprisingly tasty!


In a previous life, I’ve written about how important it is to have a theme tune to psych you up and give you a boost. This year, Harder Than You Think by Public Enemy has been my go to song. Over the past six months, this song has woken me up most mornings at 6am, beckoning to the park or the pool in wind, snow, hail and rain. Never, ever sun – This is England after all. I love this song. I love that it was the Ch4 theme song for the Paralympics. I love that one of the lyrics is Harder than you think is a beautiful thing. I love that it will be on my playlist on Sunday.

In other exciting news, my fundraising target has now been smashed! I tentatively thought I might be able to match last years efforts, but with four days to go, way over £2000 has been raised with the promise of much more to come. Phenomenal. If you’d like to sponsor the shuffle, click here and check out my previous post to see why this means so much to me.



Day One Hundred and Ten

I love doing cheesy things involving music. When I visited New York I had a wonderful time listening to Strawberry Fields Forever in Strawberry Fields in Central Park and walking round The Village with my iPod listening to Bob Dylan songs in the places like Cafe Wha? were he wrote and performed some of his phenomenal early work. Now, I can’t compare Duffy to Dylan or the Beatles, but I thought Warwick Avenue was a pretty sweet little song and I always intended to listen to the song actually when I was at Warwick Avenue. My work found me in the vicinity today, so I thought it was as good a time as any. Turns out Warwick Avenue is stunning – it’s taken over from Belsize Park as the place I aspire to live in London. I also got to wander down the beautiful Little Venice just as the sun was setting. Perfect way to round off a Friday afternoon 🙂



the actual entrance of the Tube

Little Venice by sunset. Very pretty.

Day Fifty Three

It is an absolutely miserable day in Northern Ireland – wind, rain and a weather warning make for a day you’d be tempted to curl up in front of the fire and wish you were in California. However, I’ve braved the weather and headed to The Big City to meet my grandparents for my first lunch-time concert at the Ulster Hall in Belfast.

Definitely a good choice.

My grandparents are absolutely incredible. Grampa is 89 and still taking himself off to every Ulster match at Ravenhill – legend. Love spending time with them.