Getting Experimental in Bangkok

The Do Something New Challenge has been on holiday 🙂 I’m just back from two and a bit glorious weeks in Thailand where we had a nice mix of City, Jungle and Beach. Bangkok certainly provided many opportunities to try new things so this is part one.
I arrived in Bangkok after a 12 hour flight a little flustered and disorientated. What way to make it better, but to try mixed peanuts with, erm, anchovies. Ok Bangkok (surprisingly tasty) 20130623-164934.jpg
The next morning to combat the jet lag monster, I tried a peach yoghurt with everyone’s favourite – kidney beans and sweet corn. Again, this was surprisingly delicious. 20130623-165353.jpg

The next day, I decided to learn about Thai cooking properly in a cooking school off the Silom Road. Oh. My. Word. Amazing. Among many other things, we made bananas and coconut milk. Orgasm on a plate.


Stay tuned for Part II – The Jungle Edition!


Day One Hundred and Thirty Three

I made my way to the Sunday night pub quiz this evening. I’ve been travelling to my friends who live near there the exact same way for the past four years. Today I experimented with a new route which turned out to be much better. Today may not have been the most exciting of The Challenge, but this is exactly why it’s such a good thing to do. It’s amazing how quickly we can fall into ruts and routines which may not always be the best thing for us, yet because it’s familiar we do it again and again for days, weeks, years, a lifetime. So, I’ve a challenge for you dear readers. Tomorrow when you’re making the morning Monday slog into work, do one thing to shake it up a bit. Go a slightly different way. Take a different mode of transport. Buy a different drink on your commute. Do something new
Until tomorrow
Peace Out